Produced by Geoffrey Peacey & Ulf Krüger at Phonogram Daylight Studio Hamburg.
Engineer Geoffrey Peacey
Assistant Engineer - Eberhard Schnellen & Ludwig Bender
Cover Photo: Klaus Thumser
Cover design: Franzl Froeb

Arrangements: Sunny Jim Band

All instruments played by Sunny Jim Band
Except: Organ on Willy's girl Geoffrey Peacey ( courtesy of CBS)
Timbales on Maximum pain Ulf Krüger
Brass on Oh America Bruno's Salonband
Martin "Chuck" Allen - Lead Vocals/Guitar
John Barry - Bass/Background vocals
Didier Laget - Lead guitars/Background vocals
Frank Henneke - drums

Special thanks to our manager Russ Carney for believing in us and to Jean Luc Bonneau ("it does not works"), Sierk Janszen ("I don't wear flares") and to Piet Verbraeken for his support

Side One
Bedside Radio (M.Allen/J.Barry)
Maximum Pain (M.Allen/J.Barry)
Oh America (M.Allen/D. Laget/J.Barry)
Plastic lips(M.Allen/D. Laget/J.Barry)
City Life (M.Allen/J.Barry)
Why don't we do ( what other lovers do) (M.Allen/D. Laget/J.Barry)

Side Two
Held hostage (M.Allen/D. Laget/J.Barry)
Willy's girl (M.Allen/D. Laget/J.Barry)
Sharpeville (M.Allen/J.Barry)
Bound to my baby (M.Allen/J.Barry)
Supergirl (M.Allen/J.Barry)
Don't take me for granted (M.Allen/J.Barry)

All titles published by Chappell