Concert in Hyde Park - Osnabrück

Hyde Park was one of the very nice venues of Germany in the 80's. We were lucky to play there quite a lot.
The people who ran the place were great (thank you Connie), the audience was incredible, and we had long hair, flaired trousers, a Cry Baby Wah and a 5 Channels WEM Audiomaster mixer... with spring reverb!

The set up
Martin Allen - Fender Telecaster / Marshall JMP 100 with 4x12 cab
John Barry - Fender Precision / Marshall JMP 100 with Orange cab
Didier Laget - Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty / Fender Twin Reverb Combo
Jack Hazebroek - Drums

Thank you to Pete Foss who took these photos around 1976 and found again the negatives in 2015